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Joy Eaton


BA, Dip Teaching, Dip School Management

  • English Medium
  • Expert Partners

Academic Profile

Joy is currently working alongside Communities of Learning as an expert partner in the Kia Tu Te Maramatanga, Supporting Communities of Learning project. This work has involved field testing tools, processes and protocols to build strong, successful CoLs. From this work she has a good understanding of how to:  build collaborative trust  develop a theory improvement that responds to an identified achievement challenge  develop a spiral of inquiry based on enhanced innovative and evaluative capabilities. Joy is currently the Director of School Engagement for the University of Auckland’s Starpath Project, a partnership for excellence focused on improving achievement outcomes for Māori and Pasifika students, especially those with aspirations for university study. In this role she acts as a critical friend to school leadership teams as they implement and evaluate a programme designed to open opportunities for students to reach their ambitious goals. Joy joined the University after 30 years teaching in secondary schools. She had 15 years’ experience in senior leadership including the Principal’s role.

Joy is an Expert Partner to two Communities of Learning across the North Island.

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