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Linda Bendikson

UACEL Centre Director, Lead Expert Partners

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Linda has been the Director for The University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership since 2011. Prior to that, Linda had 17 years’ experience as a primary school principal, and ten years as a regional manager in the New Zealand Ministry of Education. A lifelong educationalist, she completed her PhD studies at The University of Auckland in 2011. Her PhD research focused on the impact of principals and school cultures in 29 New Zealand secondary schools. Linda has led the development of the Growing Great Leaders™ suite of modules, which has now been delivered in New Zealand and is being promoted internationally. While strongly research informed, Linda’s work is grounded and pragmatic - principles which she brings to Growing Great Leaders™.

Linda’s role in the centre includes leading the team, actively delivering on numerous leadership contracts that the centre holds, being an accredited Open-to-learning™ Leadership facilitator; and a leader of the Pacific Literacy and School Leadership Project that is running in the Solomon Islands, Cook Islands and Tonga. Linda is a facilitator and trainer of Growing Great Leaders™, and will be training facilitators to run their own Growing Great Leaders™ courses in Denmark in 2016.

Linda is an Expert Partner to two Communities of Learning across New Zealand.

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