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Jacqui Patuawa

UACEL Associate Director

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Jacqui is the Associate Director of The University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership and within that role she is the Co-Director of the First-time Principals’ Programme. She has been involved with the programme as a Mentor, a regional Lead Mentor and Associate Director since 2005. Jacqui has more than 25 years of experience in education, over 16 years of these in leadership positions as both a Deputy Principal (four years) and as Principal of Welcome Bay, Firth and Te Karaka Primary Schools. She completed her Masters degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Waikato. Her thesis focused on the “Experience of Beginning in Principalship” from the perspectives of those who had been in the role for 3-5 years. Jacqui has recently commenced studying for a PhD. She is exploring the link between the quality of problem solving conversations leaders have with the teachers they are directly responsible for, and the subsequent impact of those on student outcomes.

Jacqui‘s role in the Centre includes leading the First-time Principals’ Programme team, mentoring first-time principals, leading the development and delivery of Open-to-learning™ Leadership alongside Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson, including the training and accreditation of facilitators both nationally and internationally, and working in the Pacific Literacy and School Leadership Project with a focus in the Cook Islands. Jacqui supports other centre work, such as supporting schools in an improvement focus and delivering Growing Great Leaders™ modules as required.

Jacqui is an Expert Partner to two Communities of Learning across the North Island.

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