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Gary Pearce

UACEL Facilitator

  • English Medium
  • Leadership
  • Expert Partners

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Expert Partner Profile

Gary was Principal of Parnell District School for 11 years and Principal of Titirangi Primary School from 2007 until 2013. He was also a teaching principal for six years in several schools in rural South Auckland, around Pukekohe and Waiuku. Gary chaired the Advisory Board of the University of Auckland
School Leadership Centre for a number of years and was also Chair of the Auckland Primary Principals’ Association Conference Committee for three years. He has worked with the First-time Principals’ Programme since its inception in 2002. Gary’s particular leadership interests are in change management and building school culture that supports eff ective learning for students and staff . Gary is now working independently providing leadership evaluation and development services to schools in the Auckland region, and concurrently in Tonga and the Solomon Islands, through the University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership.

Gary is an Expert Partner to two Communities of Learning across the North Island.

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