Staff Manager



Nicki Sturgeon

Accredited facilitator

  • Primary
  • Literacy
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Assessment for learning
  • Communities of learning
  • Leadership
  • Collaborative Expertise
  • Science

Accredited Facilitator Profile.

Academic Profile.

Nicki has particular strengths in mentoring and coaching school leaders in the implementation of Practice Analysis Conversations, Open-to-learning Conversations, the use of Teaching as Inquiry, strategic and annual planning, data analysis and curriculum delivery and design.

As a mentor for the Accelerated Literacy Learning programme for students, she works alongside school leaders and teachers to guide them in the design and evaluation of programmes that accelerate literacy learning for underachieving students.

Nicki’s strengths and interests lie in:

  • The New Zealand Curriculum
  • Strategic and annual planning
  • Evaluation methodology and design
  • Analysis of leaders and classroom practices
  • Consulting and working with other agencies
  • In-depth data analysis and interpretation of a range of evidence
  • Collaborative leadership, including mentoring and coaching
  • Student achievement tools and formative assessment practices
  • National Standards, making Overall Teacher Judgements across the curriculum and understanding of the Progress and Consistency Tool
  • Using Teaching as Inquiry to guide school improvement
  • Open-to-learning conversations and practices 

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