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Camilla Highfield

Director Professional Learning & Development

  • English Medium
  • Leadership
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Culturally Responsive
  • Collaborative Expertise
  • Expert Partners

Academic Profile

Expert Partner Profile

Dr Camilla Highfield is the Director of Professional Learning and Development at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Education. In this role, Dr Highfield leads more than 100 staff over three business units, which deliver significant Ministry of Education professional learning and development contracts to educators in New Zealand schools.

Dr Highfield’s strengths and interests lie in:

  • Building relational trust within organisations
  • Managing and overseeing projects
  • Facilitating staff improvement and development
  • Applying educational research to professional learning and development initiatives
  • Collaborating with others to build evaluative capability using evidence- based approaches
  •  Communicating, facilitating and teaching
  • Bringing vision and strategic leadership to an organisation

Camilla is an Expert Partner to two Communities of Learning across the North Island.

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